Techinformatic Software Labs, headquartered in Bangalore has deep industry expertise and
an integrated services portfolio to help you achieve your specific next–generation objectives. Digital Marketing, SEO, Webdesign, Social Media, IT system integration, Smart Business management, Smart Phone Application Development, QA integrated solutions with highly exprtise team using open source Automation tools and Manual test techniques are some of the smart ways we work on. Techinformatic draws its strength from
experience in handling the ever changing business scenario, strong customer relationships, ability to
provide the cutting edge solutions at best-value for-money and on top of it, an excellent service &
support for your IT needs.
Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals to help build up the best
plan for empowering your business and requirements. By channeling our in-depth expertise gained
from experience in handling the ever changing IT scenario, we provide a full bandwidth of services
specifically designed to meet your business requirements.

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Get the design and architecture for Enterprise Applications Development, Mobile and Automation-Testing. Architecture that is common and scalable to extends any size, technology and platform.

Platforms, Tools & Plugins

Get the customized tools for Automation testing, Plugins for Apps and platforms for Finance, Telecom E-commerce, Web etc.  Plugin development for SAS, IAS, API, Open source technologies.

Extensive Services

Services for part or full SDLC and Automation Testing -QA which helps the teams to handle independently with minimum support activities. Services on Development for Enterprise & Mobile Apps and QA.

Maintenance & Support

Handle any situation projects where it could be partially completed or fully completed or from scratch development and support. Get the support and maintenance for hourly, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly.

QA and Automation Testing

QA with test analysis and design where complete functional & Non-functional coverage with best quality on time delivery.

Automation testing for Web and Mobile platforms using open source tools with customized design architecture where hybrid features for best quality coverage and reporting.

Get everything runs in cloud for cost effective and high availability.

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Get complete support with on call and onjob roles…want to get the work done?

Get the support for client, individual, customer support for technical, managerial, planning, execution and delivery of your work. We use/adopt world class quality with cutting edge technologies, frameworks and tools which will help to deliver the best.

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